About Us

Nallely Pimentel is a versatile entrepreneur, Founder of Nallely Multimedia, LLC and CEO of TV Foro Social. A seasoned ethical TV journalist with over 18 years of experience in media industry in the US and Mexico such as Televisa Hermosillo, Radio Sonora, Grupo Uniradio, Telemax, Cox, Univision, Telemundo and Azteca.

Her servant leadership has been her passion from a young age, motivated women and an inspiration of others. Nallely Pimentel is active in the local and global communities, advocating for children’s rights. As a member of multiple Journalists Associations such as NAHJ, ALMA and Founder Member of the 3rd Journalists Association in Mexico, she promotes education by signing her own historic bilateral agreement for journalism internships.

Her academic studies included; Leadership, Digital Marketing, Journalism and Business Administration. Additionally, she volunteered at the 2016 Journalism workshop by ASU. Her Latin origin provides a unique perspective to engage the Hispanic community.

After several years working for companies such as; Univision, Telemundo and Azteca America, she realized an urgent need for positive content in the media. To promote diversity and to make this world a better place for everyone.

When she was 14 years old, her biggest dream was to come to America and to work in a global network at Univision.  After graduating with honors from Kino University in Sonora Mexico, she decided to take the first bold step and pursue her goals.

In 2004, she left her native country and overcame many barriers and sacrificed everything to move to the USA and become a US Citizen. During this time of change and personal challenges, her mother was also undergoing cancer treatment for a third time back in Mexico. For Nallely, it was devastating. She gave her courage, love and perseverance, all credited to her mother to follow her dreams.

Today, she became the founder of Nallely Multimedia, LLC and CEO of TV Foro Social Tucson. In 2019 launched her TV and Social Media program Foro Social Tucson with the objective to provide relevant information. Her latin origin provides her a unique perspective to serve and engage the Latin/Hispanic communities. ForoSocialTucson is a TV forum show she created. Where the community topics, issues, local-global perspectives comes first.

The main reason to share her story is to inspire anyone to dream big, “dream big in everything you do, every small step in life will lead you to the right place you should be” she said. “Remember that to conquer a country or any professional project in life needs; courage, persistence, passion and love for what you are pursuing for” she said.  “I am proud to be Mexican and a US citizen, I am proud to be bilingual and proud to be one of the next southern Arizona great leaders for 2020 Award for 40 Under 40” proclaimed Nallely Pimentel.

Achievements & Interviews

Graduated with honors as journalist in Kino University. Nallely is a founding member of the 3rd Journalists Association in Mexico, based in Hermosillo Sonora. She received the “Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas” of Texas University in Austin. She discovered her passion to inform at very young age at 14 years old in Channel 12 in Hermosillo. Moved to US in 2004, covering important interviews in politics, education and social impact, such as, the analyst Sergio Sarmiento, journalists Fernando del Rincón & Lili Téllez, philosopher and writer Armando Fuentes Aguirre “Catón”, former Sonora Governor Armando López Nogales, US congressmen, Raúl Grijalva and Luis V. Gutiérrez, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, among others. She covered the election of former Mexican President Vicente Fox. In 2010 started her journalism business as reporter, editor and presenter of different media channels in Arizona. Engaged with ENLACE 1190 of Phoenix, Univision, America Azteca Tucson Channel 14. Participated in different Phoenix media channels with her column: "Latin Inspiration".

Leadership, Community & Social Impact

Nallely’s passion to support and inform the Community with the most relevant news and data provides high value to the Hispanic community. One of her latest engagements of high impact is a partnership with her Alma Mater, Kino University to strengthen the student’s professional experience by an internship at Foro Social Tucson.

Her ethics and high standards demand the best quality and relevant information that helps the community to make decisions and to become part of the solution of current challenges. She listens and engages different perspectives to enrich potential solutions. As a role model, she motivates others to act and be the change that our society needs.

She broke paradigms around Hispanic immigrants, becoming a highly educated role model for the community. Using her communication strengths to connect people with the news.